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Little Lambs 


Little Lambs Virtual 3K Run/Walk

At Little Lambs, we recognize that each child is an individual.  We have designed our curriculum with a wide range of activities to meet the children’s needs in a creative, caring, fun, and faith-filled environment.  Classes offer age-appropriate learning experiences which center around our love for children.  We encourage and support the development of each child to his/her fullest potential intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually.



Little Lambs provides a safe, nurturing, and fun-filled environment for children to learn and grow.  Our teachers guide you and your child in making a positive transition from home to school.

  • Toddlers –  Students 6 months to 24 months, meets one day per week. Classes are held from 9-11:30 AM, two or three mornings per week.  The emphasis is on providing students with a positive, happy experience while playing in a cooperative manner.  The curriculum is based on monthly themes that include colors, shapes, weather, and holidays.  Activities help develop large and fine motor skills through creative play, craft projects, fingerplays, books, and music with movement.



Our preschool programs revolve around theme-based curriculum, which expands on what was introduced in our toddler classes.  The hands-on activities, crafts, stories, and music enhance our weekly themes.  The students work on the skills that will prepare them for success when they enter kindergarten.

  • 2 Year Olds – Students must be 2 years old by October 1st to enroll in this class.  We offer an extended day (until 12:30 PM) two days per week beginning in January.  Emphasis is placed on appropriate social interaction, communication skills, fine and gross motor skills development, as well as the introduction of a structured circle time. Parents may choose any combination of 2- 4 days from Monday - Thursday. Fee is based on number of days per week chosen.

  • 3 Year Olds – Students 3 years old by October 1st may enroll in this program.  This class meets 3 mornings per week from 9:00 AM-12:30 PM.  The children are introduced to problem-solving and reasoning skills along with developing social skills.  Additional activities are show & tell, classroom jobs, and a more comprehensive circle time.

  • 4 Year Olds – Students 4 years old by October 1st may enroll.  The class meets 4 days per week from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM.  The curriculum focuses on areas of development needed for kindergarten: reading readiness, science, social studies, and math.  We focus on personal responsibility skills and positive peer interaction.


Enrichment classes

​​ ​Enrichment classes offer our children extra time to learn, grow, and create. 
Click here to see the complete list of Enrichment classes being offered.

Special Happenings

  • Halloween Parade

  • Thanksgiving Feast

  • Christmas Pageant

  • Bernards Twp. Library Story Time

  • Farm Visit

  • Planetarium Show

  • Dinosaur Hands-On Experience

  • Cowpoke Jamboree

  • Graduation Celebration

For more information or to take a virtual tour, please click the following link, 

Virtual Tour Page or contact Kim Dial, Director of Little Lambs Toddler Center


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