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Youth Group is a place for 6th – 12th graders to come, worship God, and form a community in an age appropriate setting. Each week we will fellowship, learn, pray, and eat together. Our hope is to create a community of young believers in God who understand the grace that is given to them, and can praise God more fully. We will practice habits that will set them up for success in life. We invite all youth, whether a member of our church or not, to participate in these formative events. You do not need to be a member of BJUMC to receive the rewards, though we do expect all participants to abide by our code of conduct.

Fellowship: Come have fun with other Christian Youth, build a community of trust, support, and understanding.


Congratulations to all the Ridge High School graduating seniors — but a special congratulations goes to Melissa Johnson, Stanley Chou, and Gagan Singh. All three of them have been hardworking, dedicated members of Ridge Against Alcohol & Drugs (RAAD) for the past 4 years. All three have achieved the role of Youth Advisory Council member at the Lindsey Meyer Teen Institute and served as role models for students all over New Jersey. Under their leadership RAAD received the Motivation Award and the Knowledge Award twice! All three were also very involved with helping create the annual "Empowerment Day" at William Annin Middle School (with Melissa naming "Empowerment Day"!).

Melissa is also our first ever RAAD Secretary and spent the past year organizing and keeping the group in tip top shape. Stanley served this year as co-President. All three members were integral in RAAD’s mission this year to increase knowledge of vaping devices and to destigmatize mental health. Melissa led the mental health initiative working closely with the RHS Guidance Department and by helping to implement an important video on mental health into school curriculum. Gagan and Stanley helped create the program “The Nicoteen Generation” and presented vaping information to a group of parents back in April.

We also would like to take a moment to acknowledge Kyra O’Dwyer who would have been a member of the class of 2019. Kyra passed away in 2016 but still remains a vibrant memory in the hearts of all RAAD members.

It’s not “good bye” it’s “see you soon!” to all of our graduating seniors. Good luck to wherever life takes you and remember we’ll be here for you if you ever need it!

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