our lead pastor

matt enzler


Matt Enzler was exposed to numerous churches and communities growing up as his family frequently moved because of his father’s job in government.  Matt first became involved in the United Methodist denomination as a high school student in Herndon, Virginia where he participated in Methodist Youth Fellowship programs and developed a passion for mission outreach. 


During college, Matt continued his involvement in mission programs and Christian fellowship programs, which began to clarify his call to lifelong ministry.👨‍🎓

After college, Matt entered law school and then began his professional career as a lawyer and eventually as an assistant prosecutor near Spokane, Washington.⚖  


As an assistant prosecutor, Matt attempted to find ways to combat the issues of drug abuse and mental illness that affected so many of those that he encountered in the criminal justice system.  During this time, he remained very active in his local church, leading small groups, youth softball, and various outreach ministries.  Immediately prior to coming to NJ to obtain his Masters of Divinity at Princeton Theological Seminary, Matt worked in a soup kitchen in Spokane, which solidified his call to full-time ministry.


Since July of 2017, Matt has been a pastor at the Titusville United Methodist Church in New Jersey located within a district supervised directly by bishop Schol.  In the 18 months that Matt has been at Titusville, the congregation has grown in vitality and in numbers.  His work as a prosecutor informs his faith, especially in the aspects of grace and forgiveness and his ministry shows a willingness to reach out to the community and work with people of all walks of life, and lead them to a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.