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During this time of isolation due to the CoronaVirus, it is important

we continue to have social outlets. Church groups can continue to

meet, just not in person. We encourage all groups to continue to

meet to the best of their abilities. Working with group leaders, we

will be providing access to group meetings through either telephone

(voice only) or computer (video conferencing) or hybrid meetings.

If anybody would like help setting up one of these meetings,

please reach out to Pastor Matt.



Winter 2020/2021 Adult Small Group Studies...

This winter we have a wide variety of education opportunities for adults and interested youth. Our gatherings are held on Sunday mornings from 11am until 12 noon. All of our fall classes will be virtual sessions via Zoom. You’re encouraged to join the Fellowship Time after worship and at 11am you’ll be moved into the class session. Here’s what we have in store for the winter: - Beginning on Sunday, January 10th we begin a 5-week study of John Wesley’s 22 Questions for self-reflection. As part of the United Methodist Church you may have heard someone ask, “How is your soul?” John Wesley actually developed a series of 22 questions that he used with his “Holy Club” at Oxford University as a means of daily personal reflection. In our discussions we will focus on how they apply to modern Christians. - - We’ll explore another Spiritual Discipline on Sunday, February 14th. The following week begins Lent which runs from February 21st through March 21st. The course will be announced at a later date. We hope you’ll consider joining some or all of our small group discussions. If you have any question, please contact Kevin Dresely at .



Small groups are an incredible way to grow closer to God and each other. At Bishop Janes UMC our small groups meet seasonally and gather to study and learn about a wide variety of topics.


Small groups exist as a way for people to engage in the biblical community that helps them become more like Jesus in every area of their lives.


God never intended for us to live the Christian life alone. So come and check out one of our many small groups.  During the pandemic, our groups are virtual. Please click here to view our Events page for information.



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