As has been our tradition for over 30 years, you are invited to share the spirit of Christmas, by giving gifts to underprivileged children who are part of the CAMP Youth Development Program in Paterson NJ.  CAMP is reopening this month after being closed by COVID 19 for most of 2021. A new Director, and new teaching staff are on hand, and there will be 30 children initially enrolled in the After School program.


The tree with 30 stars will be set up in the Narthex on November 28th. Please remember to place your name and telephone number on the gift register when you take a star, and also pick up a sheet of instructions. The guideline on the cost of gifts is $20-25. Please wrap the gifts and place them under the CAMP Tree, with the star tag attached, by Sunday December 15th. If you have any questions see Arthur Martin or contact him on 908-766-7275, or

Thanks for helping to brighten the life of a child and their family at Christmas.

The Serve The World Team